Eric Lenderman, Senior Editor

EL ruffian headshot

Eric Lenderman – writer, editor, and résumé consultant

I’ve worn a teetering collection of hats in my 20-year career: writer, editor, product namer, paragraph producer, utility player, marketer, connector, goalkeeper, helper, proposal writer, blogger, résumé writer, entrepreneur, marketing manager, PR writer, production coordinator, email content specialist… and I know I’m forgetting a few.

The thing about managing a closet-full of hats is: it’s a chore to wear more than one at a time, and you usually find yourself slipping one off and another on several times a day.

I’m proud of my hats, and they keep me engaged. If I had to pick one specialty, it’s that I want to help people – and this is why I’ve chosen to don my résumé help hat for the better part of my days. One Hat To Rule Them All, if you like…

I founded The Interview Landing to do just that – help people land interviews. Résumés, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles are personal marketing and branding tools with a common purpose: to get you in the front door. If you don’t have a human contact or advocate at your target company, your professional profile must help clear that path for you.

In short – my hats and I are here to help.

Here’s an overview of my background and odds/ends:

  • twenty years of blood, sweat, and occasional muted sobbing in the marketing world
  • strengths:

– résumés
– cover letters
– LinkedIn profiles
– personal branding
– interview prep

  • fierce commitment to AP Style, quality, consistency, and short sentences
  • experience spanning a variety of industries and disciplines:

– email marketing
– RFP response + proposal coordination
– advertising + PR
– restaurant + brewery marketing
– environmental science
– medical device
– software

For immediate assistance, please contact me via email or dial the number below (or at the top right if you’re viewing on a desktop). I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.


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