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It’s nice to be “cheers’d” from time to time.

Kind words from current and past clients…

Eric’s writing skills, as well as his formatting, of my CV was invaluable. I have been in the workforce for many years (I’m old) and condensing my career positions down to two pages while highlighting community service and skillsets was a challenge.

I am now in a management role that currently includes conducting a national staffing search; well-written, properly formatted resumes are scarce and truly are game changers in separating you from the competition.

— Bob S., General Manager, local swim and fitness club

I thought that the resume I wrote was outstanding.  Then I read Eric’s professional rework of my resume, and I now understood the value of using an expert resource!

— Robert L., entrepreneur

Today was my first day. Thanks again for helping me with my resume – it definitely was a big part of getting me the job!

— Michael P., customer service specialist

I’ve had a few interviews, and I think I may have found the perfect gig to fit all my needs. Your help was just the push I needed. Thanks again!

— Janie L., nutritionist

Thanks to everyone for all of your help with this bid. Especially Eric, your work over the weekend was above and beyond. We appreciate that so much; the proposal is a million times better for your efforts.

— J.J., Senior Geologist, environmental consulting firm

You rock!!!!

Eric, The article was great – you really came through. Thanks again Eric – I really, really appreciate your efforts.

— Leslie M., Product Manager, medical technology company

Thank you!

Hey there Eagle Eyes, I’d like to thank you for the help you give us with Schwab and Clear Channel. I can’t tell you what an improvement it’s been having you here, in terms of QC’ing our work; it’s great to be able to rest easy knowing that you’re goalkeeper.

Take care of yourself, and don’t stare at screens for too long.

All the best,

— Yumi P., Account Manager, database marketing agency

(After I stayed up *really* late working on a proposal, the project manager said…)

Good Lord, Eric. You are going the extra mile on these and we appreciate it. It looks great.

— Andy S., General Manager, environmental consulting firm

Eric is a skilled copywriter who creates clear, concise text even when working with technical, complicated subject matter. Eric and I worked together at a medical technology company where he generated content for everything from websites to brochures to detailed product documentation. He possesses excellent project management skills, allowing him to appropriately set expectations, deliver timely rounds of drafts and edits, and consistently deliver projects either on time or early. Eric is skilled at what he does and is a pleasure to work with.

— Dave H., Marketing Manager, medical technology company

Eric is a joy to work with.  He is attentive to detail, highly responsive, and he’s not afraid to ask questions to make sure the end product is the best it can be.

— Jon M., VP, environmental management firm

Eric excels as a writer and editor.  What sets him apart from the others is his ability to identify exactly what a proposal effort needs to be able to move it forward, and his willingness to do what it takes to assist a team and see a proposal through to successful completion.  Eric’s team focus, his problem solving ability, organization, grace under pressure, and his sense of humor make him an essential member of a proposal effort.

— Susan N., environmental management firm

Working with Eric helped me to improve the quality and consistency of my own work. He takes pride in his work and is always helpful and encouraging with everyone he works with. He has an awesome sense of humor and he made the office fun.

— Ed N., UX Designer, database marketing agency





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