Résumé Help

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Never use “canned” résumé or cover letter content when pursuing a new position.

Step One in your job search:

Do not use a *form* cover letter or a *canned* résumé.

Every job is different. Your work experience may be a close match for the position you’re pursuing, but you still need to cater your résumé and cover letter for each individual opportunity. I will help craft a résumé and cover letter package to meet the specific requirements of the job listing you provide.

I’ve been helping people optimize their résumés and cover letters since 1997. I can help prepare your documents for scenarios that require special attention, such as:

  • career transition
  • gaps in employment
  • recent college graduation
  • coming out of retirement
  • military-to-civilian transition
  • résumés and bios for inclusion in proposal response

Please contact me today for assistance with the following career-related consulting services:

  • résumé editing + formatting
  • cover letter composition
  • LinkedIn profile writing + editing
  • interview prep + coaching

Feel free to send an email, or call the number to the right.


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